Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters

‘Who would be calling? Surely everyone knows by now.’

Written by one of my favorite authors, Julie Anne Peters escorts us once again into her elaborate world with Lies my Girlfriend Told Me. We follow Alix as she struggles with coping with the death of the love of her life and girlfriend, Swanee. While going through her late love’s things she finds something that rocks her world, and not for the better. Swanee’s death brings Alix into contact with Lianna, Swanee’s other girlfriend. Polyamory wasn’t one of the things Alix knew Swanee was involved in, however, tied by her lies, Alix and Lianna begin to fall for each other.

I’ve read this book about three times, and each time is like the first. Amazing dialogue, believable plot, and exquisite detail; the way she portrays the deep despair and heightened bliss and emotions in between is masterful. While this isn’t my first book from Julie Anne Peters, I must say that it would be one of the first recommendations I would give for someone interested in Contemporary and/or LGBT romance.

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