Marked by P. C Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Night #1)

Imagine being a normal teenager, dealing with normal high school teenager problems. Now imagine that your mother is in a relationship that has changed her, and not for the better. Imagine that your siblings, in their own ways, rebel against the new order of their family. Also, imagine that vampires have their own side of town, and everyone knows they exist.

Now imagine that one day, during your normal high school life, you are marked as a fledgling vampire. Your family thinks of you as a devil spawn. You are required to move to this strange place in order to survive the transformation from human to vampire, and the goddess chooses you as her champion.

Step into the House of Night, a school that teaches vampires how to live, and coexist with their hateful human counterparts, and step into the shoes of Zoey Redbird as she learns the truth about the species that everyone hates.

Written by mother-daughter duo, P. C and Kristin Cast, their series, much like the Twilight Saga, is an amazing reimagining of the vampire species. To be clear, it is nothing like the Twilight Saga. Rather, this new take on vampires as aligned with mysticism is something that even I would’ve never thought to create. Excellent prose, memorable characters, and a plot that was easy to get behind, this book comes highly recommended to those that have a thing for vampires.

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