The Gravity Between Us by Kristen Zimmer

Of the hundreds of books I’ve read throughout my relatively short lifetime, this book is number one on my Top 5 favorite reads. I’ve read and reread this book more than I have the entire Twilight Saga, and I’ve read those books… too many times, perhaps.

Kristen Zimmer thrusts us into the worlds of Kendall Bettencourt, Hollywood’s newest up and coming 19 year-old starlet, and Payton Taylor, Kendall’s childhood best friend, and source of refuge. The only thing that may be different, aside from Kendall’s status and fame, is a secret that Payton hides from all. And it is this secret, that will likely change the two of them for better or worse.

Every time I pick this book up, I start smiling uncontrollably. It’s no secret that I can be rather emotional, despite it not being particularly obvious all the time, and this masterpiece has the power to make my emotions Life’s Oddest Rollercoaster, every other paragraph adding a loop, sharp turn, and heart stopping drop. What else can I say? There aren’t enough praises to give Kristen Zimmer for what is likely her best creation. Out of the typical five star rating given to literature and film, I give this one a strong ten stars.

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