Nerd Behind the Blog: Keeper of the Darkmoon Library

For just a little personal history, my journey as a blogger began when I was a senior in high school. In my A.I.C.E General Papers class, my teacher instructed the class to start a blog. Per her instruction, we each followed each other’s blogs and were to upload 3-5 posts a week. As someone that loves writing, I of course, did more than that. In any case, I caught a major case of senioritis and decided that rather than do actual work in that class, I’ll pass by doing blogs and the occasional power point project. Turns out, I quickly became addicted to blogging, and was putting out at least one post for the six different blogs I had every six hours. Eventually, I just stopped. I picked it back up a couple months later, and got back into the groove, but the I put it down again. I’d lost interest.

That is…until I came across WordPress. At first, I was going to do a purely supernatural blog, as seen in Tome of Forbidden Knowledge (, but as much as I love the supernatural and mysticism, it’s not all I am. Obviously, those that browse the shelves of the Darkmoon Library can see that I love to read, and to look behind the lyrics of my favorite songs. There’s so much more though. So what does that mean for the Library? It means that Book Reviews and Music Theories are going to be one of the few things that will be on the shelves.

I won’t spoil what kinds of posts will be added, but I will say that if you want a pure book blog, I’ll ask you to check out Kelly’s Book Blog (, she is my all time favorite blogger. In a professional blogging league of her own, she delivers quality reviews on romance novels, which happen to be my favorite genre of literature. At worst, you’ll spend a few minutes looking up another blogger, at best, you’ll have a new favorite blogger. In any case, my lovely nerdlings, I will see you tomorrow with more material to check out when the library opens. Until then, look towards the moon to find me.


The Darkmoon Nerd

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