Weapon Manipulation

In addition to a lot of other topics soon to join the shelves of the Darkmoon Library, discussions about super powers join the ranks. If anyone ever said that they never wanted super powers at one point in life, they’re lying. The power posts joining the Darkmoon Library will be as follows: I’ll tell what the users of the powers are capable of, offer some powers and abilities derived from it, give a couple of weakness and limitations, and throw in some real world applications…because who doesn’t want a dose of reality with their fantasy. As a plus, I’ll even throw in a few characters from media outlets capable of using this power. So without further ado, let’s hit the shelves.


As someone that despises guns and loves swords, and weapons like them, it seems fitting that one of my favorite powers is Weapon Manipulation. With this power, the user can create, summon, shape, manipulate, and use any kind of weapon with an almost supernatural proficiency, and perfect skill. Whether its pre-modern like a club, modern like swords and firearms, or even futuristic like plasma and/or antimatter weaponry, depends solely on the preference of the user. If it is a weapon, or can be improvised as one (such as a spoon, if you’re creative enough), they are absolutely proficient with them. More advanced users can even create weapons from pieces of themselves, whether by wielding their life-force or shaping their own bone and/or blood. Take for example Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale, War Deities from any given mythology, Magical Girls from Puella Madoka Magica, Spawn from Image Comics, and the Gems from Steven Universe.

One of the many abilities that comes with this power would be called Unarmed Weapon Wielding; to use your weapon without touching them. Weapon Calling/ Summoning, Weapon Regeneration. Off the top of my head, soldiers, FBI, and police officers would benefit most from this power, as would Freedom Fighters, assassins, and mercenaries.

Naturally, each power has weaknesses and limitations. For example, the user may be unable to create weapons, thereby limiting them to already existing nearby weapons. They may be only able to manipulating and summoning a certain kind of weapon (so it would totally suck if I was stuck with manipulating only firearms). And they may be limited only to weapons that have been previously seen, held, or scanned (which means I would be in luck with the swords and such).

So that’s the end of this Super Power Breakdown. Again, I’m going to recommend you to Kelly’s Book Blog (kellybookblog.com) for in depth reviews on romance novels. At worst, you’ll spend two minutes of your time giving someone view. At best, you’ll find a new favorite blogger and some reading recommendations.

As always, I’ll see you when the doors of the Darkmoon Library are once again open, and if you wish to find me, all you have to do is look to the moon.

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