Ziz, the Lord of the Sky and Ruler of Birds

For those of us that have read the Book of Revelations in the Bible, we find there the prophecy of the End of Days. Awesome, yet horrific phenomenon will occur, beasts thought only to be created from the sick and often twisted imagination of we writers will become known prior to The Second Coming. I’m not here to push my religion or personal beliefs, however, I’m here to discuss one of those divine, mythic creatures.

Part of a divine triad, the Ziz, along with the Behemoth, and Leviathan, are ever present and are destined to have their terrific majestic witness by the holy and the damned alike. We’ll deal with the Behemoth and Leviathan later, in their own respective posts though.

Found in sacred Jewish texts, the Ziz is said to be massive, possessing a wingspan large enough to block out the sun. It is known as the Primordial Bird, the first flying creature and ancestor to all avian and avian-like creatures. The Ziz is also said to represent the physical manifestation of the air and freedom. In the End of Days, it will be slain and only God knows what will happen to its corpse, but one thing to think about…

How cool would it be to have a massive pet? Something that huge, loyal to you and only you?

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